What is Voise Cryptocurrency?

Voise Cryptocurrency
What is Voise?

With the rise of electronic recording and distribution systems, there is no denying that artists are finding themselves shortchanged in major areas such as remunerations and rewards. Then there is another major issue of illegal downloads which is encouraging piracy to a whole new level.  Creating digital content is expensive and middlemen are taking hefty commissions from the artists and consumers. And this is where Voise comes into play. It was introduced in 2016 as an initiative to cut the middlemen and optimize content delivery and management.

What exactly is Voise?

It is a blockchain powered new-age music platform. It deploys cryptocurrency technology for the purpose of creating a fair and convenient solution that has the potential to benefit both artists and consumers. In other words, Voise ensures that middlemen are cut out of the deal and artists get to earn what they truly deserve. This ground-breaking cryptocurrency powered platform provides artists with an opportunity to monetize their work in an ever-growing P2P marketplace.

Smart contract system of Ethereum is leveraged by this personalized token for transactions. The ecosystem of Voise is built by specifically deploying Ethereum protocol which ensures that secure & transparent music and digital content distribution takes place every single time. There is absolutely zero transacting or commission fee for the artists and even the users can enjoy quality music at reduced prices.

How Voise Operates?

What makes Voise so much likable is that it operates with a process that is pretty straightforward. As a matter of fact, the process is like a walk in the park. For instance, an artist wants to sell his/her music on Voise, all that person needs to do is to upload the digital file on the provider network. Once the music file is uploaded, a peer to peer network will be used to publish the track. It is imperative to mention here that the track will become visible to all users. The consumer will be able to browse or search any track and even try it (30-second duration clip) before making the final decision of buying it.

Once the user makes a decision of purchasing the track, Voise tokens will be used to make the final transaction. Given the fact that blockchain technology is quite transparent, the transaction will be noticeable on it. A confirmation of transaction will take place on Ethereum blockchain and afterward, funds will be transferred into the wallet of the artist. The most interesting thing is that the artist will get full 100% out of it and this means that there will be no extra fee to pay.

The roadmap of Voise Operations will be as:

  • The content gets uploaded by an artists
  • Data gets published on a peer to peer network
  • User browses or searches for music
  • User plays a demo music (optional)
  • Buys the music with Voise tokens
  • Transaction gets visible on the blockchain technology
  • Artist earns 100% revenue

The Core Objectives of Voise

The main objective of this blockchain powered platform is to empower artists and users and serve their purposes like never before. It incorporates an efficient user interface which enables the consumers to search and listen to music exactly like conventional music platforms. Voise have 4 core objectives to complete:

  • Offering Efficient Solutions and Opportunities to Artists and Users
  • Becoming a helping hand for artists to make a living
  • Eradicating the previous music selling norms and making positive enhancement in it
  • Promoting Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology

Why is Voise the Next Big Thing in the Music Industry?

Voise has all the traits which make it the ‘next big thing’ in the music industry:

  • It has decentralized hosting which ensures that the content is not hacked or taken down
  • It is 100% open source under GPLv2. Anyone can browse, stream and buy music on Voise
  • Easy streaming and download, the user can keep the songs
  • With blockchain backend, every transaction that is made can be viewed on the chain
  • There are no subscription charges
  • Artists get to keep 100% of the revenue generated

What Future Holds For Voise

One can feel skeptical about cryptocurrencies that are not promising at all. However, it is not the case with Voise. It has already been listed in 13 cryptocurrency exchanges and is expected to launch in one of five big exchanges in the near future. It is still thriving to improve content monetization for artists.

Just recently, American rapper and songwriter Jeremy Lemont Saunders a.k.a. 2 Pistols did a partnership with Voise. He will be uploading his future tracks on Voise.

Voise firmly believes that it is bringing a revolution in the music industry and it can be said that they have the potential to do that.


Voise is it the only cryptocurrency that is taking an initiative to enhance the music industry norms and give artists & consumers what they deserve. Given the fact that it is decentralized, one can feel quite hopeful that Voise will have a huge and lasting impact on the music industry. All in all, it is fair to say that Voise is transforming music industry with the help of blockchain technology and digital currencies.




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