Dr. Keenan Cofield-The Baltimore Supreme GRAND Bishop Sent Big Message To New Baltimore City Police Commissioner


Search for REAL help to fix the city crimes problems!

Continuation of wasted donations to taxpayer dollars, by Baltimore City government Demo specialists. No sense of directions! If the new Police Commissioner “does not” emerge out that box he will be yet another fired unemployed casualty. Bet That! This Commissioner must go out and beyond to find expert special help that is far above and beyond his local power, vision and authority. Most of what is needed cannot come by the city, but state and federal changes are required.  As a retired psych doctor and criminal justice to violence expert, the Police Commissioner needs to listen and hear the words of Baltimore City States Attorney Mosby comment back November 2, 2017,  “the BPD cannot go at this alone.”  Murder to violence in this city like Chicago is BIG business. A violent assault, and killing of a citizen pays lots of debts to clear many bills.   Now do you  get part of the Maryland Shock Trauma Avenue Casket Show?   The element is constantly preparing to kill a another Baltimore City resident. Hate to say, the list of who is next to die is too long, if the city police department and leaders don’t get special help… Commissioner De Sousa, if you don’t find that help, as a Bishop I’ll write your personal living obituary from your job.

It is clear, there are many who cross paths with the Mayor Pugh, BPD Police Commissioner to Governor Hogan, smile,  shake their hands, but are doing all they can to ensure none of Baltimore City problems ever get fix. BELIEVE IT! There is a conspiracy among Black folks and business leaders to the powers in office at all levels, local and state.View Post on Facebook · Edit Email Settings · Reply to this email to add a comment.

Dr. Keenan Cofield-The Supreme GRAND Bishop Supremegrandbishop@gmail.com and psychdoctor101@gmail.com

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