Top 10 Countries to visit before you die

Life is short. Spending too much time worrying about your responsibilities and not paying attention to what you truly want will make you feel regretful once you are old and you do not have enough strength to make your dream come true. No doubt earning money and being successful is important but at the same time you should have some adventure in life to make it memorable. So, grab a pen, paper and write down the list of 10 countries that you should visit before you die.

1. New Zealand

New Zealand Maruia Springs

It is the perfect destination for the adventure lovers. New Zealand is filled with many trekking spots. The moment you will step on the adventurous lands of New Zealand the adrenaline will kick in and you will surely love to explore the entire place. The biggest attraction of the country is that there are many amazing activities that you can enjoy apart from trekking. Bungee jumping, skydiving and there are tons of other opportunities. Maruia Springs is the best place where you can relax and spend some quality time with nature.

2. Morocco


Morocco is famous for Casablanca. There are many amazing sites that you can explore in Morocco and the best ones are

  • Jaw-dropping mosques
  • World-class surfing
  • Surreal landscapes
  • Aromatic spice markets

If you are a foodie you must visit Morocco. Here you will find the flavors from Arab and Africa. The chefs are amazing that make such delicious dishes that you might chew your fingers while enjoying the meal.

3. Vietnam


It is important that every time you visit the famous countries like England or the USA this time try Vietnam. The country will win your heart because of the adventurous activities and delicious street foods. There are many vendors on the street that serve such delicious meals that you will forget the taste of 5-star restaurants that you have been visiting your entire life. If you have a tight budget Vietnam will be your perfect and most affordable getaway. You will enjoy the heartwarming smiles of the people on the streets and they have the best hospitality.

4. Greece


Greece is the most famous tourist destination specially among those that are looking for some historical sites. The country is filled with many amazing historical destinations that you would love to explore. Here you will find the stories of the amazing battles and how people took over the world with their strong forces. There are 18 beautiful monuments that have been listed by UNESCO in their World Heritage list. Get sun-kissed on the beautiful beaches.

5. Thailand


You might have been living in the area with amazing spas but the massage you will get in Thailand is remarkable. Bangkok is the homeland of the most amazing massage specialists. You will enjoy in the nightlife. The bustling cities have many exotic dishes and vibrant culture. During the day you can enjoy in the street shopping for your loved one because most of the items are available at the most affordable rates in Thailand. The hotel and flight charges for Thailand are affordable as well.

6. Italy


Italy is the land of food lovers. We all know that Italy is famous for preparing some of the best cuisines that are now famous around the globe and a common example is pizza. If you want to enjoy some delicious meals then you should head to Italy for your next trip. It is the most sophisticated land. Here you will find some cultural sites and do not forget to visit the famous museums where you can experience the artwork of world’s most popular artists.

7. Nepal


The land of after effects of earthquakes in Nepal. Millions of people living in Nepal are still homeless and they are looking for a reliable place where they can spend the rest f the years of their life. It is the land of mountains and most of the people visit Nepal because of the amazing tourists destinations hiking trips and exploring the beautiful mountains. Once you will see the beauty that this country holds you will never like to leave the place. The people of Nepal are very friendly and loving.

8. Japan


The land of rising sun is known as Japan. Here you will find the perfect combination of traditional and modern world. You can visit the old streets of Nepal where you can participate in the Tea Ceremony or other historical traditions. If you are here for the future make sure that you visit the famous companies of Japan that have taken over the world with their high-tech gadgets and devices. Do not forget to try some of the delightful dishes.

9. Canada


Canada is bucket-list worthy for the travel junkies that want to explore nature. Here you will come across the most scenic beauties of the world. Specially if you visit the country during the snowfall you will get the chance to experience the lowest temperature in most of the areas of Canada. Make sure that you visit Toronto if you want to visit the best shopping malls and enjoy some delicious Canadian cuisines. You will have the best and most relaxing experience in Canada

10. South Africa

South Africa Cape Town

Would like to end the list with South Africa. Most of the people have the misconception that South Africa is the destination for animals lovers. However, once you will visit Cape Town you will forget about all the other travel destinations. Here you will find the most beautiful scenic beauties. Do not forget to visit the amazing national parks because here you can experience the wildlife in its true form. You will get a car because the animals are free.

Bottom line

Once you will start traveling the world you will feel the urge to explore more. It is important that you wisely plan your tour so that you will make the most out of the little time you have. Take the best pictures so that you can relive the moments when you are old and weak.

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